Annie Leonhardt

ARTIST: Bastille
TRACK: Pompeii (Gender Pitched)


(pitched to different “gender”)

Sorry for low-tier quality, I just really wanted to hear what this would sound like. 

HOLY CRAP I did not think that I could love this song more than I already did…. but I WAS SO WRONG. This is perfect.


2 covers for Hot Key Books! Hot Key is a UK publisher that specializes in fiction for 9-19 year old readers (and uses a lot of illustrated covers to boot!) Fearsome Dreamer came out last year, and I recently finished up the cover for its sequel, The Illusionists, this year, both written by Laure Eve. Both take place in a dystopian future with a distinctive mix of technology, magic, reality/dreams, (and romance!) centered around the heroine, Rue.

Hot Key had a pretty defined idea of what they wanted for each cover—Rue in the center standing wrapped in a future flag in the ruins of a stone square, and Rue facing forward, pushing open heavy doors with “Life” glitching out behind her. I was happy to oblige, and really like the mint & pink color combo we decided on!
It’s been a lot of fun to work on, with many thanks due to my dynamic duo of art directors, Jan Bielecki & Jet Purdie!





Tanishq Wedding Collection NIKAH

Print campaign for Tanishq brand of jewellery showcasing their collection of wedding jewellery for ‘The NIkah Ceremony’, which is the islamic/muslim indian bridal ceremony.

//Photography: Sharon Nayak


Woops I meant to post this earlier. Moogan when I picked him up from boarding at the store tonight

bird ownership in a nutshell



I have wanted to make an animated illustration since, about, a million years ago. 

Hey, wow, this is my 7,777th post.

Done in Manga Studio 5 & Photoshop CS3

Took so many hours. 



Something I started last year. Really wanted to finish this one!

I have a favorite queen. Can you tell?

Beauty fades. Dumb is forever.
Bianca Del Rio (via itsjawnryen)


i imagine both steve and bucky like to come up with different ways to poke fun at sam every time they pass him during jogging

because they are shitheads

(the first one is a print you can get here)

God, today really sucked a lot. But weirdly enough it made me super productive when I got home. I cleaned the birdcage, vacuumed my room, did a HIIT and half an hour of Zumba and I’m helping avoxsus make dinner now.

I need to make it a priority to not leave the house without healthy snacks though… being really hungry all day today didn’t put me in a very good mood to handle everything that happened.